Mindful Eating Basic

Before Start Eating

Be aware of the followings (one at a time):

  • hungry sensation
  • unpleasantness of the hungry sensation
  • desire to avoid unpleasantness


From now on, you practice while eating food. Be aware of reactions in your body and mind.


Be aware of the followings:

  • the 3 stages of eating (lifting food, chewing, swallowing)
  • movements of tongue and teeth


Be aware of the followings:

  • sweetness
  • saltiness
  • bitterness
  • taste change
  • texture change
  • temperature
  • smell
  • what you are eating
  • its ingredients
  • sound of chewing
  • pleasure
  • desire


Be aware of causes for the phenomena.


Be aware of the followings:

  • eating a life form
  • the food becoming part of your body
  • the good fortune of having good food, good digestive system and being alive.
  • joy

Practice Guidelines for Beginners:

  • Eat a small piece of food per bite slowly.
  • One mindful breath after swallowing the food.
  • Eating utensils (knife, fork or chop stick) are on the table while chewing.
  • No talking (unless necessary) while eating.

More Helpful Tips

  • 20 minutes or more for eating a meal.
  • Intentional chewing (instead of automatic chewing).
  • Plain taste food makes it easier.
  • Beginners: practice one technique at a time.
  • Practice in a group. Share your actual practice experience with others (or journal it).
  • Expect (many) unrelated thoughts will come. Then let go.
  • Turn off TV (and remove other distractions such as newspaper).

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