Our Gatherings

How to Participate

Come to our online meeting room1.

Note: All times are pacific time. All of our gatherings are free.

About Our Community

We gather to live better and wiser for the benefit of all. We are a small group of people mostly in Vancouver area, Canada. ‚ÄčOur gatherings have been held regularly since 2010.

You are welcome to join our gatherings and make a better future for the benefit of all, including yourself.

More About the Events

Insight, Wisdom & Meditation

Gathering weekly to improve our life and meditation for the benefit of all. Our approach to improvement is learning insight & wisdom from our own life. Including talk, discussion and meditation. During summer, it starts on 8 PM.

Qigong Meditation

Add healing and energy to meditation practice.

Insight & Wisdom from Our Own Life

Talk and discussion about insight & wisdom from our own life. (It starts on 9 AM if it is held in Guildford Town Centre instead of online.)

Meditation in Nature

One of the best things you can do in the nature.

Meditation Retreat

A timeless practice. Silent practice and a short discussion at the end. We do it together for the benefit of all.

Eating Meditation

Eating is knowing. (The venue, date and time are announced in our online meeting room. Usually start 4th Sunday brunch time when it is held in person.)

  1. If you are our group member and wish to access our online meeting room without Telegram app, you can do so at web.telegram.org. ↩︎