Our Meetings

  • Meditation & Talk on Thu 7 pm (online) 1
  • Qigong Meditation on Wed 2 pm and Sun 8 am (online)
  • Meditation Retreat on 3rd Sat 9 am (online)
  • Meditation in Nature on Sun 8 am (held online)
  • Sunday Meeting on Sun 9:45 am (held online) 2
  • Eating Meditation on 4th Sunday 12 pm (held online occasionally) 3
  • More meetingss are announced in our group room.

How to Participate

Press the meeting link, which is posted prior to the event in our group room and email updates.4

Note: all times are pacific time. All of our meetings are free.

About Our Community

Our meetings are to support each other to grow wiser, to contribute to the world and to live better for the benefit of all including past, present and future generations. We are a small group of people mostly in Vancouver area, Canada. ‚ÄčOur meetings have been held regularly since 2010.

If you know some people who are having difficult times, please invite them to our meetings. Let’s help them with our practice, insight and wisdom.

  1. During summer, it starts on 8 PM. ↩︎

  2. It starts on 9:45 AM when it is held in Guildford Town Centre. It starts around 9 AM immediately after qigong on Sunday when it is held online. ↩︎

  3. The date and time are announced in our Email Updates and our group room when it is held online. Starts 4th Sunday 12 pm when it is held in person. ↩︎

  4. You can get meeting links either from our group room or email updates. If you’d like to have detailed info about our group and events, you can find it in our group room. ↩︎