Our Gatherings

How to Participate

To participate, either register for a gathering or join our group.

To register, send an email to [contact+registration@newdir.org] with the following information: 1) your name, 2) the program you wish to attend, 3) the date you intend to attend. Registration must be received at least 2 day before the event.

Alternatively, if you join our group1, you can participate our gatherings without registration.

Note: All times are pacific time. All of our gatherings are free.

About Our Community

We intend to create better lives and a better world through growing wise in life and helping others to do so. We are a small group of people led by Sung since 2010. You are welcome to come to our gatherings and join our efforts.

See also: Our Vision, Purpose and Values

More About the Events

Mind & Life

A talk and meditation session for better lives and world. Our main approach to better lives and world is through realizing and addressing our own ignorance and contradictions that hinder ourselves and others, and sharing the wisdom with others. Welcome to bring your challenges in your life or meditation. Session including meditation, talk, discussion and Q&A.

Qigong Meditation

Add healing energy to meditation practice.

Better Lives & World

Talk and discussion about learning insight and wisdom from our own life for better lives and world. Welcome to bring your challenges in your life. (It starts on 9 AM if it is held in-person in Guildford Town Centre.)

Meditation Retreat

Meditation is the the highest training of all and is the practice for those who are wise and those who wish to be wise. Silent meditation and a short discussion at the end. (Retreat day is the 3rd Saturday of each month. Starting 8 AM and ending before noon. )

Eating Meditation

Eating for growing wise. (The venue, date and time are announced in our online meeting room. Usually start 4th Sunday brunch time when it is held in person.)

  1. If you are our group member and wish to access our group without Telegram app, you can do so at web.telegram.org. ↩︎