New Direction Community

It is a small group of people who wish to transform self and the world around us for the benefit of all through inner growth. The community is led by Sung. You are welcome to come to our gatherings and join our efforts.

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Note: All times mentioned are Vancouver local time (PT). All of our gatherings are free.

How to Participate

Press here to participate on Telegram2. Alternatively, send an email to [] with the following information: the program to attend, and the date you intend to attend; the email must be received at least two days before the event.

More About the Events

Meditation for a Better Self and World

Each breath and day is an opportunity for inner growth to transform you and the world around you for the better. Our main approach to inner growth is learning lessons from our daily living, solving inner causes of hindrances, cultivating inner greatness and meditation. Session includes meditation and sharing. It is held weekly on 7 pm (or 8 pm during summer).


Add healing energy to meditation practice.

A New Approach to Life

A weekly gathering for talks and sharing about inner causes of challenges, insight and wisdom from our own life for a bright present and future for all. Welcome to bring challenges in your life or meditation.

Meditation Retreat

The 3rd Saturday of each month is meditation day. The gathering starting 8 AM and ending before noon, including silent meditation and a short discussion at the end. Although gathering ends before noon, participants are encouraged to continue their practice or maintain noble silence until the end of the day.

  1. If you are our group member and wish to access our group without Telegram app, you can do so at ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Telegram app is free and installation takes about a minute. You can get from if you don’t have it. ↩︎