Humanizing Work

Rediscovering Work

Work is a school of life where you learn to live. Salary is a scholarship.

Working Wise

Money naturally fills your pockets even though you work for a purpose greater than making money, just as food naturally fills the stomach of one who eats for a purpose greater than filling stomach.

Humanizing Work

Food made to benefit the one who will eat has greater value than food made to make money.

Humanizing Work 2

Working with the motivation and intention of benefiting others makes your work more valuable and also makes you trustworthy.

Humanizing Work 3

Working with motivation and intention of benefiting others creates greater value for the society than just working for money, and creates a bright future for all.

Humanizing Work 4

Working with motivation and intention of benefiting others makes money follow you instead of following money, and is working as a human rather than a resource.

Humanizing Work 5

Working with motivation and intention of benefiting others empowers you to learn and grow to live your own life, and creates a bright present and future for all.

From a Servant to a Master of Money

Working to make money is following money and is becoming a servant of money. Working to benefit others is making money follow you and is becoming a master of money.

Special Ingredients

There are good special ingredients to add when making food. The special ingredients are motivation and intention to benefit the people, who will eat it.


Money, the smart make, the elite keep, the wise use.

Money Should Follow You

If money does not follow you, it is wiser to solve the cause that prevents money from following you than to just follow money.

Earning Money

The lessons earning money teaches can be more valuable than the money itself.

Earning Money 2

The true value of earning money lies in the lessons it teaches.

Earning Money 3

You can benefit more from the lessons you learn through earning money than the money you earn.

source: New Direction Archive