Get Something Better Than What You Want

A Role of Wisdom in Life

Wisdom allows you to do what will help your life and not to do what will hinder your life or you will regret.

Becoming Wise in Life

Benefiting from both what life gives you, including adversity, and what it doesn’t means that you are becoming wise in life. Benefiting others and the world means that you are becoming wiser in life.

Wise and Wiser

If you grow wise, the people who you considered not beneficial to you become beneficial to you. If you grow wiser, even your enemy becomes beneficial to you. However, if you are unwise, even beneficial people become not beneficial to you.

The Wise and the Foolish

Those who know their ignorance are the wise. Those who do not know their ignorance are the ignorant. Those who do not know their ignorance but believe they are wise are the foolish.

From Ignorance to Wisdom

Ignorance leads to foolishness. Foolishness leads to pain. Pain leads to wisdom.

What You Want

Getting what we want always comes with an extra, the consequences.

Growth and Ignorance 2

If you grow a little, you know your ignorance a little. If you grow a lot, you know your ignorance a lot. If you haven’t grown up yet, it is very difficult for you to know how ignorant you are.

Wisdom About Have

Benefiting from everything you have including adversity and everything you do not have is wisdom. Not knowing how to benefit from them is ignorance.

Wisdom About Life

Learning from your life is wisdom. Not knowing what to learn from your life is ignorance. Not being able to learn from your repeated life lessons is foolishness.

Mice Wisdom and Human Wisdom

For mice, not eating poisonous food is wisdom. For humans, not having poisonous thoughts is wisdom.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge can be destructive without wisdom.

Knowledge and Wisdom 2

Wisdom tames knowledge to be beneficial rather than destructive.

source: New Direction Archive