Higher Than Truth

Breaking Truth

Breaking what you believe to be the truth is gaining something greater.

Higher Than Truth

Something that can break truth is higher than the truth.

Deeper Than Truth

The cause of truth is deeper than the truth itself.

Beyond Truth

Regardless of whether it’s true or false, you can learn and benefit from it.

Truth and Mental Level

If you believe truth, you are below truth. If you know deeper or higher than truth, you are above truth.

A Sunflower

Children sitting in a circle took a photo of the same sunflower in the center and realized the photos of the same flower are all different. Each child insists that only his photo is the true photo of the sunflower while the photos of others are not true.

A Sunflower 2

If you insist you are right but others seeing something from a different angle are wrong because you do not know the something.

Who Is Right?

You are right. So are others who you believe are wrong.

No One Wrong

No one is wrong but there are people who are at different stages of their growth.

The Opposite Viewpoint

The opposite viewpoint is where the perspective is reversed, for example right becomes wrong and vice versa.

Right and Wrong

From the opposite viewpoint, right is wrong and wrong is right.

Right and Wrong 2

Right or wrong is a reflection of oneself.

Living Truth

You are made of truth. Truth is inside of you and outside of you. You are a living truth.

The Ultimate Knowledge

The ultimate knowledge is what you know only when knowing both yourself and nonself.

source: New Direction Archive