Discovering Self

Rediscovering Yourself

Not as a servant of life but as the owner of your life.

Higher Knowledge

Knowledge is about knowing nonself. Higher knowledge is about knowing self.

The Ultimate Knowledge

The ultimate knowledge is what you know only when knowing both yourself and nonself.

Higher Power

If knowledge is power, self-knowledge is higher power.


Knowledge can give you power. Self-knowledge can give you a new life.

Self-Knowledge 2

Knowledge empowers, self-knowledge transforms.

Knowing What You See

Unless you know yourself, you can not truly know what you see. Because what you see is a result of the interaction between yourself and nonself.

Seeking Happiness

Seeking happiness without knowing oneself leads to unhappiness.

Knowing Self and Nonself

Knowing nonself is gaining knowledge. Knowing self is changing life.

Rediscovering Self and Nonself

Self does not exist on its own but exists with nonself, and vice versa.

The Key to Understanding the World

Understanding oneself is key to understanding the world.

source: New Direction Archive