Questions & Answers


Can you tell me words of wisdom?

Wisdom is realizing that the person you believe is wrong is right.

What is New Direction?

New direction is new ways to see beyond conventional truth and wisdom, and better ways to live. It is a new direction for life and humanity.

Should I discern or not discern?

Discern what harms you as what harms you. Discern what benefits you as what benefits you. Discern what you know as what you know. Discern what you do not know as what you do not know.

Can you recommend me a book to read?

Simply writing down the words that were spoken to you by the people you met but you rejected because of disagreement or different viewpoints. This is the book that will help you.

How do I know my mental level?

Your level is about the same as your friends or the people you associate with. Your level is about the same as your competitors or the people you have hostile relationship with.

How do I know my mental level? (2)

Your level is above the person who wants a recognition from you. Your level is below the person who you want a recognition from.

How do I know my mental level? (3)

Your level is above the person who learns truth from you. Your level is below the person who you learn truth from.

How do I know my mental level? (4)

The motivation for your eating tells your level.

How do I know my mental level? (5)

Things you like, things you dislike, things you cherish, the source of your pleasure or joy, what you are proud of, your motivations tell your level.

How do I know my mental level? (6)

If you are confined to beliefs, you are below beliefs. If you are liberated from beliefs, you are above beliefs.

If you work for money, you are below money. If you are above money, you work for something more important than money.

If you serve or fight desire, you are below desire. If you use desire well, you are above desire.

What is difference between what I think it is and what it truly is?

The one is a concept (mental construct) and the other is not.

If I am in the present moment all the time, how do I plan for my future?

When you are thinking about the future, know that you are thinking.

Should I blame myself for my life problems?

No. Blame no one.

Am I responsible for my life problems?

You are partially responsible, not entirely. Your life problem is a joint work. You are not the sole cause of your life problems. For example, you can make a pizza because of help from others. You cannot make a pizza alone without the ingredients, farmers and the world.

How do I get rid of my anger toward someone?

See the good side of the person.

What can I learn from my pain?

Find which of your thoughts or actions caused you pain.

How do I know my real motivation?

Train your mind to see your mind.

How to develop capacity to be thankful?

Remember when you received a great benefit or kindness from someone, and let the feeling of gratitude towards the person arising in you. Repeat this exercise from time to time.

How do I find the cause of pain in my life?

Find causes in your actions, which also include what you did with your mind such as thinking and making decisions.

Why do Christianity and Islam claim they are the only truth?

That is to teach the world a great truth, which is important for all of us to live well.

What is the great truth? (a following-up question)

Christianity and Islam are both right. In other words, you and the people who you think are wrong are right.

Why are we less happy than our parents generation while we are richer than them?

While growing up, we can get joy from toys. After grown up, we can not get joy from toys anymore. We got disappointment as a result of seeking joy from toys after grown up.

What should I do with my old PC?

(Question Detail: I need a new faster PC. My PC is old and too slow, and can not do things I need. But I do not want to waste my PC. What should I do with my PC?)

Get a faster PC and donate your old PC for others. Keep what improves your life and do not keep what limits your life. This rule is also applicable to your thoughts.

Will intelligent machines take our jobs?

Machines are not taking over our works but are taking over the works of machines that humans had to do temporarily while machines were not there. To live true human life, we are giving the works of machines to machines.

How to have financial freedom?

Become helpful to others.

How to get more money?

Become helpful to the world.

How do I change others in the way I want?

Find people who want to change themselves in the way you want.

What is the right direction in life?

The right life direction for those who do not want pain in their life is the direction towards freedom from pain.

How can I think positive? My life problem is thinking negative.

Thinking positive allows you to temporarily escape your life problems but won’t solve your real life problems. Find and address the cause of your life problem in you instead.

What is better than thinking positive?

Being unbiased instead of being biased to either side, positive or negative.

I have a problem in my life, so I’m thinking positive to deal with it. Is there any better way to deal with my life problem?

Yes, address the cause of your life problem in you.

I was good at school and am successful at work but why am I not happy?

It is difficult to be happy when a human lives as a worker.

Why can not I get what I want?

Because it is not helpful for you.

What do I gain when I eat for others?

It raises your mental level. You get to know what you need to enrich your life.

How do I know he is right?

The easiest way is to just listen to him.

Do I have to find the cause of my life-pain in my previous life?

No. It is found in this life.

How to make pleasure follow me?

Eating for your pleasure is following pleasure. Eating for others is to make the pleasure follow you.

Is your teaching rooted in Buddhism?

No. The teaching is rooted in the nature, which also includes humans and universe.

Do I have to consider your words as scripture?

No. A useful scripture for your life is made of the words from the people you met in your life, especially the people who you believe are wrong.

How can I get rid of the guilt of wasting water by showering every day?

You can shower daily and then do things worth more than the water you consumed.

Why do we practice?

We practice to benefit everyone including the past, current and future generations.

Why do I have to suppress my desire?

Suppressing desire is not our practice. You don’t have to suppress your desire. Instead learn to use it well.

Is life selfish?

Life is not selfish. A person can act and live his life with selfish motivation but can not live a selfish life.

How can a chicken escape from her cage?

Live for all the people and all chickens in the world.

What is life?

Life is learning.

What is death?

Death is a graduation from learning.

How do I love myself?

Living your life in a way that benefits everyone including past, current and future generations is loving yourself.

Feeling bad because someone talking behind my back

(question detail: I feel very bad because someone talked about me behind my back with a false and malicious story. What can I do?)

When you improve your mental level, his words can not disturb you much.

Is there anything to learn from thieves? If so, what can I learn?

First, you can learn the world and life from a different angle.

Second, their act of stealing is a join work. We contribute to what they do. Thieves can not come into existence without us.

Third, you can learn laws of nature.

How do I get rid of my depression?

Address the cause in you.

Why is your answer different for a same question?

An answer for a same question can be different when the questioner, the motivation of the questioner, the level of the questioner, the life direction of the question and/or listeners are different.

How do I teach my boss?

(question detail: I want to correct my boss but I am frustrated because I am powerless to do so. How do I teach him?)

You are not there to teach your boss but to learn.

My boss is wrong but why am I the one who needs to learn? (follow-up question)

It is for your benefit. You are inviting a problem to your life when you insist you’re right and others are not. Learning will protect you from troubles in your life.

Why do I address cause in me? (follow-up question)

It is easier for you to address causes in you rather than causes in others.

Addressing causes in you is also the most effective and lasting way to solve your life problem.

Then who is going to correct my boss? (follow-up question)

That is responsibility of his boss or someone higher.

How can I get respect from my grown up children and friends?

(Question detail: I want to spend my time with my grown up children and friends. But they are not interested in spending time with me and also do not respect me. How can I get respect from my grown up children and friends?)

Listen to them instead of telling them. If you have to speak, speak words that your children and friends truly need.

How do I overcome my depression?

Find the cause in your past actions and address the cause.

How do I free myself from the traumatic memory?

(Question detail: I had a traumatic experience when I was young. When I hear a loud sound, the traumatic memory comes back and I am frightened and my whole body becomes very tense. How do I free myself from the traumatic memory? )

  1. Recall the traumatic memory.

  2. When it comes, know that you are remembering it. (In other words, know that it is just a memory rather than it is a real event.)

  3. Notice tension in your body.

As you repeat the above steps once a day or week, the memory will gradually bother you less and less.

In addition, knowing the cause for the traumatic experience will help you.

How can I free myself from gambling addiction?

Change your life direction.

How can I change my life direction? (follow-up question)

When you have to gamble, do it to benefit the casino (the staff and the owners) instead of trying to get something from the casino.

How do I find the meaning of my life?

Know the true reason why you want to know the meaning of your life. When you know it, you will find the answer and you will also find something greater than the meaning of your life.

What do I gain from this learning and practice?

You gain power to live as a human instead of a worker or consumer.

What is the point of finding a cause in me?

(Detailed question: My life problem is because of another person. The cause is outside of me. What is the point of addressing a cause in me?)

The problem occurred in your life because of causes not only in another person but also in you.

It is easier for you to address causes in you rather than in another. The cause in you will continue to create problems in your life if you do not address it.

How can I stop feeling guilty about eating meat?

Eat meat for the animal. In other words, make the death of the animal not wasted but honorable.

How do I make the animal I ate honorable? (a follow-up question)

Use the animal you ate as the energy to benefit others and the world. As a result, not only the death of the animal was not wasted but also the animal becomes honorable by contributing in benefiting the world.

How can I not eat food when I do not want to eat?

(I eat food even though I’m not hungry and I do not want to eat. How can I not eat food when I do not want to eat?)

When you eat, eat for the living things, which you’re eating as your food.

How can I overcome my car accident memory?

(I have fear and body tension when a memory about my car accident came back. How can I overcome my car accident memory?)

When the past memory comes to you, know that it is a mere memory, not an actual event happening. It will further be helpful for you to know causes for you to experience the fear in your past actions.

How can I overcome my car accident memory?

(I have fear and body tension when a memory about my car accident came back. How can I overcome my car accident memory?)

When the past memory comes to you, know that it is a mere memory, not an actual event happening. It will further be helpful for you to know causes for you to experience the fear, especially in your past actions.

Angry at my tenant

(question detail: I am very angry at my tenant who wastes my electricity. How can I protect myself from my anger?)

See causes of your anger in you.

What are causes of my anger in me? (following-up question)

Your decision to rent out your basement. Your choice of the young man as your tenant. You believed that the young man wouldn’t waste your electricity. Your decision to add the condition in the tenant agreement that you will pay for the electricity. Looking at the basement suite through the window in this morning. Forgetting all the good things about your tenant except the thing that you dislike. Not knowing these causes in you.

How can I teach my tenant not to waste it? (following-up question)

(Question detail: I tried to teach my tenant not to waste my electricity but it did not work. How can I teach my tenant not to waste it?)

You can solve the problem without teaching or changing your tenant. When you address some of the causes of your anger in you, your problems will be solved. This is easier and more effective way of solving the problem than trying to teach your tenant.

How do I know what I really like?

The answer is in the phenomena that you are currently experiencing.

How can I go to church without being trapped in a religion?

You go to church to benefit them (the members and the leaders), instead of trying to get something from them.

How can I avoid conflict with others?

Improve your level.

How can I block the unwanted memory?

(Question detail: I had witnessed a car accident and the memory keeps coming back and makes me afraid and stressful. I do not want the memory to come back to me. How can I block out the unwanted memory?)

It is unwise to block it. Blocking the memory can harm you. Use it well to benefit from it.

How to make money follow me?

Working for money is following money. Working for your clients is to make money follow you.

How can I meet a useful person for my life?

When you improve your mental level, the people who you consider useless for you become useful for you.

When you further improve your mental level, even your enemy becomes useful for you.

How can I eat food for my friend?

Eating to gain energy which you intend to use for helping your friend is eating for your friend.

Is desire harmful?

The desire itself is not harmful. However desire can be harmful or beneficial depending how you use or deal with it.

How do I know whether I am having a desire?

You can observe desire in your mind and your body.

How do I know something without thinking?

For example, you know the in-breath while breathing in even though you are not thinking about it. Similarly, you can know red color by simply seeing it.

How can I change my spouse’s behavior?

When you change your behavior, your partner’s behavior will also change.

How do I know “not knowing” as not knowing?

After reading a book telling the earth is formed four billion years ago, realizing that you do not know whether the event stated in the book actually happened or not is knowing ‘not knowing’.

How does your teaching different from philosophy?

Philosophy broadens your thinking. This teaching let you to go beyond the limit of thinking.

How does your teaching different from the science of humanities?

The science of humanities gives you knowledge about human while this teching let you experience living as a human.

Abusive husband

(question detail: I am about to divorce my husband because he is verbally abusive when we fight. I do not want divoce so I tried everything to change him but nothing worked. Do you have any advice for me?)

Add a secret ingredient every morning to your husband’s cup of coffee. The secret ingredient is your genuine wish for your husband to be healthy and happy.

Is reincarnation true?

Using the theory well for your benefit is more important than the truthfulness of the theory. It will benefit you if you use it well, otherwise it won’t benefit you regardless the truthfulness of the theory.

How do I end relationship?

(Question detail: I want to end my relationship with a person who I dislike. How do I end?)

If you want to end the relationship, end it to benefit the person.

How can I change the world?

Changing the world is not your duty that’s why you do not know how to change the world. Finding your duty in this world and do the duty are more beneficial for you than trying to change the world.

How do I know the cause of my anxiety?

By observing your mind.

Lost my phone with cherished photos inside

(question detail: I lost my phone with my cherished photo inside and feel so bad for the loss. Any advise?)

When you learn an important lesson from this, the loss will become a gain.

Is red meat good or bad?

(Question detail: Some people say red meat and milk are good for health while some other people say they are not. I am confused. How do I know who is right?)

They both are telling right.

How could they be both right? (a following-up question)

They see red meat from different angles and speak what they see from their own angles. One person says that red meat is good because he sees it from the angle that it appears to be good. The other person says that red meat is bad because he sees it from the opposite angle. You will also see what they see when you see from their angles.

Who should I believe? (a following-up question)

No need to believe or disbelieve them.

Then what do I do with what their claims or opinions? (a following-up question)

Learn from all their views instead of accepting one and rejecing the rest,

Should I eat red meat or not? (a following-up question)

You could eat if you choose to eat. You may not eat if you choose not to eat.

How do I know it benefits me or harms me? (a following-up question)

The first way is by having a direct experience. Second way is by observing others who ate. The third way is by listening to what others say.

How can I deal with fear of death?

Know why you fear death. Be prepared for your death.

Is there any way I can help my Christian friend suffering from panic attack?

“A Prayer of Thanks” in our learning material will help him.

What is the meaning of life?

Something that people look for when they are not satisified with their life.

What is the meaning of life? (2)

It is an interpretation of life.

What is nonconceptual knowledge?

Nonconceptual knowledge is knowledge that is not a concept for example, when you see the red color in a Canadian flag, word ‘red’ is a concept while the natural phenomenon named as red is nonconceptual knowledge.

Why are there so many scammers?

Because we have made so many of them.

How can I avoid scammers? (follow-up question)

When you improve your level, it is difficult for you to meet someone who wants to scam. Although you meet such a person, it is hard for the person to deceive you when you improve your level.

Aren’t scammers evil? (follow-up question)

If you use scammers well, it improves your life and makes this world a better place.

Then is it better to have more scammers in this world? (follow-up question)

It is better to have more wise people than scammers.

How can we have less scammers in this world? (follow-up question)

When we learn what we should learn from scammers, our world can have less scammers.

What should we learn from them? (follow-up question)

We are the ones who make scammers and blame them.

How do we make scammers? (follow-up question)

We make them scammers by giving them money.

What are causes of my breath?

The causes of your breath are your parents, your ancestors, vegetables, animals, oxygen, plants, sunlight, rain, earth, sun, solar system, milkyway galaxy, the universe, the mind and more.

Can I get whatever I want if I imagine or believe as if I already have it?

That is not the case. You can easily test it to see if your mind becomes free from mental chatter by simply imaging that you are free from mental chatter.

Why does pain in life exist?

Pain in life exists to teach us wisdom and helps us to live better.

How do I reduce stress at work?

You get stress when work for money. You get joy when work for your customers.

Could you tell me more about it? (follow-up question)

If you work for money, you are below money. If you work for your customers, you are above money. Your life is better when you are above money.

How do I practice when meeting a person?

First, know why you are met with the person.

Second, listen to what the person says and know the person is right.

Third, know how you can help the person.

Why is a tree a tree?

Because your mind sees it as a tree.

How do I practice when I catch a cold?

Be glad to have the precious opportunity to learn and an opportunity to strength your immune system.

Intend to recover from the cold for the people you care about for example, your family, friends or everyone in the world.

Find the cause in you for catching the cold.

Could you advise me how to protect myself from coronavirus?

There are two ways to protect you. You protect yourself, for example, maintaining a good hygiene. The other way is to let others protect you. For example, the society protects you if you are needed in the society. The world protects you if you are needed in the world.

I am afraid that a powerful secret organization might reduce the world population. What should I do?

Become a person who the world needs. Suppose such an organization exists. If you are a person who the world needs, the world will protect you. However if you are a person who the world does not need, you life will be difficult in this world even though such secret organization does not exist.

How can I reduce stress when looking for a job?

If you look for a job to get money, you get stress. If you look for an opportunity to learn and grow while serving the employer, you will be empowered.

What do I do with my unhappy job? I do not like my job but I could not find other job that is better than this so I’m working but unhappy.

If you learn what you need to learn in your current job, you will have a chance to move to a better job.

How do I minimize stress while living through the coronavirus pandemic?

Learn and grow wise to be helpful to others and the world.

I am often angry at others who misbehave, for example, getting angry at my neighbor who does not properly recycle stuff. The cause of my anger is not in me but in others. How do I get rid of my anger?

There are something about you that you do not know but people around you know. Knowing what you do not know but other know will help you to get rid of your anger permanently.

What do I need to learn and from where?

Learn from what you see, you hear, or you experience. Learn they are right. Also Learn why the they are right.

How can I stop eating when I am not hungry and I do not want to eat?

Address your life issues.

I am retired and lonely

(Question detail: I am comfortably retired but lonely. What do I do?)

Give something that people need. For example, give them words that help to address the cause of their life problems.

Should I live in Germany or Canada?

(Question detail: I am not sure whether I should live in Germany or Canada in order for me to have a good life. Could you advise me?)

If you can be helpful to people in Germany, you can have a good life in Germany. If you can be helpful to people in Canada, you can also have a good life in Canada.

Should I give beggar money or not?

(Question detail: A beggar lies and asks for money. If I give money, she might use it to buy drug. Should I give her money or not?)

When giving money harms her, not giving is better.

What is the right way to give money to beggar or poor people?

Give her money as a scholarship. In other words, give both money and education. The education is to let her to learn and address the cause of her poverty in her.

Unsure whether I did an action by my choice

(question detail: I believed that I did an action by my choice but now I am not sure. How do I know whether I did the action by my choice or not?)

Believing, not knowing or uncertainty is an indicator that you did not choose the action.

Do you practice daily what you just taught us?


Why you do not practice daily what you just taught us? (follow-up question)

It is like an elementary teacher who teaches ABC does not practice reading and writing ABC daily.

Why can’t I sleep?

Because you have a more important thing to do than sleeping.

Your life is telling you that a trouble is on the way in your life so take a wise action to avoid it.

I am super busy at work. I can not afford time to learn and practice. Any advise?

Working is learning and practicing.

How do I overcome fear of public speaking?

(detail: I have a presentation coming up but nervous about it. How do I overcome the fear of public speaking?)

Speak for them instead of speaking for yourself. In other word, speak to help listeners instead of trying to gain something from them.

What is something that you can not know by thinking?

Non-thoughts, for example, red color, the mind.

What can I know from eating?

You can know who you are, your past, your future, your level, your characters, your weaknesses and your strengths. Furthermore you can also know causes of your life problems.

How can I eat for others?

You eat food with an intention to help others, for example, a mother eats food to breastfeed her baby.

How do I deal with difficult people?

Knowing that he is also right just like the way you are right.

Drinking to relieve my stress, could it be a problem?

Suppose you silence a fire alarm each time it rings and letting the fire continue to burn. What will the fire do?

Is there a better way of dealing with stress than drinking?

Address the casuse your stress in you.

What can I do better than AI?

You can know about your mind and what you want better than AI. AI and machine can copy you, but you can live as a true human. Furthermore, you can live a respected life.

How do I get rid of my anger at a person who is lying to me?

You can not hear his lying if you do not have a cause of the lying in you. When you know the cause in you, you will no longer be angry.

How is your teaching different from the humanities?

You can get conceptual knowledge about human life from the humanities. In contrast, with this teaching, you can get direct experience living as a human rather than a worker or consumer.

Should I do prostration practice?

Prostration practice is an ancient practice. It is suitable for people who lived in ancient time. For modern people, it is better to practice that are suitable for the modern time.

Worrying about this deteriorating world

(Question detail: I worry about this deteriorating world but I am powerless to do anything for the world. Do you have any advice for me?)

You can do many things for the world. Each time you breathe, each time you speak, each time you eat, each time you buy, each time you vote you can do for the world.

How can I help this world?

Live as a human rather than a worker or consumer.

Grieving for my dog

(Question detail: My dog died years ago but I am still so sad. How do I overcome this sadness?)

Address the cause of your sadness in you.

The cause of my sadness is loss of my pet but how can I address something that is beyond control? (follow-up question)

You met many people in your life but they left you. If they had not left you, you wouldn’t have attached to a dog.

When you find and address the cause why they all left you, you will have people to share your life with. When you have people to share your life with, you can be freed from the attachment to a dog.

How can I help others? (2)

Improve your mental level.

How do I see my breath from another angle?

For example, you could see your breath as the world providing you what you need and taking away what you do not need. Alternatively you could see breathing as being united with the world.

Who is your teacher?

This universe and this world are my teachers. So are stars in the sky and grasses in the field.

How do I find the cause of my life problems in me?

You can find it in your past actions.

How do I deal with my loneliness?

Be with yourself instead of being separated from yourself. If you wish to be with others, first learn to be with yourself before trying to be with others. When you are with others, be there for them. If you wish to end your loneliness instead of just dealing with it, address the cause of your loneliness in you.

How do I help others?

Solve your life problems by addressing the cause in you and then share your solution with others or help people who have same or similar problems.

How do I enjoy my life?

Live a respected life.

My life does not improve no matter how hard I try, what should I do?

Address the cause of your life problems in you.

Should I get a dog to deal with my loneliness?

It is better to address the cause of your loneliness in you than trying to get rid of only the symptom.

Should I go back to London or stay in Vancouver?

(Detail: I moved to Vancouver because I was not happy living in London. After years of living in Vancouver, I am not happy. I am not sure whether I should go back to London or stay in Vancouver. Any advise? )

If you are need in London, you should go back to London. If you are needed in Vancouver, you should stay in Vancouver. If you are really needed in both cities, you will be happy regardless of staying or going back. If you are needed in neither cities, it is unlikely you will be happy regardless of staying or going back.

How do I overcome sadness of losing my mother?

Focus your efforts not to waste your mother’s love to you and to make your mother honorable.

Should I go travel for my vacation during pandemic?

If you don’t have to go now, it is better not to go. There are better things to do than leisure travel while people are much suffering and dying in mass scale. You can go your leisure travel in a better time in the future. If you have to go during this time, travel for learning and growing wise to contribute to the world.

How do I help my friend who does not listen to me?

Just listen to your friend for him or her instead of trying to teach or change your friend.

How do you live without pleasure?

There are some things greater and better than pleasure.

What is relation between my body and mind?

Your mind drives your body. Your body also affects your mind. The relation is somewhat similar to the relation between computer and the software.

Would the world be a better place without religion?

Neither having religion nor not having will make the world better but how we use will. If we use religion well, the world will be better. if we misuse religion, the world will be worse.

How can I get what I want?

Make good use of what you already have.

Why do I repeat the same toxic relationship?

If you do not learn from your toxic relationship, it can reoccur.

What should I learn from my friend who was a medical doctor in his 40s ate healthy and exercised well but died of an illness?

We are more than just body. Taking care of only body is not enough. Mind can cause illness and even death.

How do I help someone who has no one to talk to and is lonely?

Addressing the cause of loneliness will help him end his loneliness, for example, why all the people that the world provided him such as his family, his friends, his co-workers, his neighbors, left him.

How can I be in charge of my life and my mind? I discovered that I am living like an automatic robot. My mind is automatically acting and so is my body.

Improve your mental level.

What should I do with a person who continues to assert only his opinions and beliefs but refuses to listen?

Help him if you can. He needs help.

How do I help him? (follow-up question)

If you listen carefully to what he has to say, you can find what kind of help he needs.

How do I deal with my anger toward someone who I helped for many years but never do anything for me?

If you just help the person without expecting any return from him, you will get joy instead of anger.

Who should I believe between pro vaxxers and anti vaxxers?

It is unwise to believe something you do not know. It is better to know instead of believing either side. If you know, you do not need to believe or disbelieve either side.

How do I know who is right between pro and anti vaxxers?

See from their angles. The pro vaxxers see the vaccine from the angle the vaccine appears to be good while the opponent sees from the other angle. When you see from their angles, you will know who is right.

Why is my life stuck?

That happens when you are not able to learn from your life.

How do I sleep good? I wake up early morning and tried everything but can not go back to sleep and no need to wake up that early as I am retired.

Early morning is good time to start your day. Also good time for meditation and inner growth. Early morning can be your best time of your day if you use it well. If you need more sleep, you can take a nap during daytime or go to bed early. When you use your awaking hours wisely, you will sleep better and also sleep less.

I lost money to someone who scammed me. What lesson can I learn from this?

If you do not give him your money, he can not scam you.

Who Do You Work For?

I work for the people I meet in my life.

I am right and the other person is wrong. This is an obvious fact. But why don’t you take my side?

That is because it does not help you.

Then why do you take his side? (following up question)

That is not true. I do not take his side. Not taking your side does not mean I take his side. I take neither side to help you.

Is there anything I can do for a deceased loved one?

Let her life not to wasted and make her honorable. Contribute to make this world a better place to live so that she could have a better life if she ever comes back.

Should I think positive about my life problem?

If you just want a temporary relief from your life problem, thinking positive will do. If you want lasting relief, address the cause.

What does it take us to live better?

We need to upgrade our software.

What can I do for this deteriorating world?

Solve your life problem by addressing the cause of your life problem in you and then help those who have the same or similar problems.

My friend needs help but wants neither advice nor help. How can I help my friend?

You prepare to help your friend by learning and growing for now. You can help your friend later when he asks for your help or advise. You will be able to help your friend better because you prepared.

How do I live during Covid pandemic? I can not socialize and am frustrated because of Covid.

Use this pandemic period to learn and grow as a preparation for your better future. So you have a better life when the pandemic is over.

How do I spend time alone during Covid lockdown?

The ability to be alone is as beneficial as the ability to be with others. If you use this opportunity to learn how to be alone, you will become a happier, wiser, stronger and more likeable person by others.

How can I have a better Christmas?

Have time for finding to see if there are ways to give back what you received from the world.

Isn’t that life problems have no solutions?

It’s not that life problems have no solutions, it’s that you can’t find them.

How do I detox my mind?

When you work, work for the customers instead of for your gain. When you speak, speak for people who are listening instead of for your gain. When you eat, eat for others. When you breathe, breathe for the world.

Isn’t it OK as long as I am happy, no matter how I lived my life?

If you brought happiness to the world and are happy with your life, then your happiness is likely to last. However if you brought misery to the world and you are happy with your life, your happiness is unlikely to last long.

How do I make use of quarantine days?

You could do silent meditation retreat during your quarantine days or weeks.