Basic Material Overview

Rediscovering What You See

What you see is because of what you do not see. Knowing what you do not see is knowing what you see.

Rediscovering Right and Wrong

From the opposite viewpoint, right is wrong and wrong is right.

True Intelligence

Seeing a cup and knowing it is not true intelligence, but seeing a cup and knowing oneself and the world is.

Higher Knowledge

Knowledge is about knowing nonself. Higher knowledge is about knowing self.

The Highest Knowledge

The highest knowledge or the truth is what you know when knowing both yourself and nonself.

Living a Day

Living a day is like going to school where life teaches you.

Life Improvement and Stagnation

Your life is improved if you learn from it, otherwise the lessons are repeated.

A Sign of Stagnation in Life

Learning nothing new from your life, especially about yourself, for days, weeks or even years.

Rediscovering Eating

Unlike animals, humans can benefit more from learning from eating than eating itself.

Wisdom and Good Deeds

When the wise benefit others, it is called wisdom. When the unwise benefit others, it is called good deeds.

From Contradiction to Transformation

Knowing one’s own contradictions is the beginning of knowing one’s own ignorance. Knowing one’s own ignorance is the beginning of knowing oneself. Knowing oneself is the beginning of self-transformation.

Loneliness Means

Loneliness means you are not happy to be with yourself.

Living for Others

You are living for others if you can not learn from your own life. Your life does not benefit yourself but others who learn from your life.

Rediscovering Yourself

You are living truth. Truth is inside of you and outside of you.

Living Without Knowing You Are Alive

If you are living without knowing that you are alive, you can not live as the owner of your life but live as a servant even though you have all the wealth and power in the world.


Knowledge can give you power. Self-knowledge can give you a new life.

Knowing Self and Nonself

Knowing nonself is gaining knowledge. Knowing self is life changing.

Rediscovering Breath 2

If you look deeply into your breath, you will not only discover your body and the world but also your past actions, inner self and mental states such as desires, perceptions, beliefs, limitations, motivations and contradictions.

Rediscovering Your Body

If you look deeply into your body, you will realize that it is not your body, but at the same time it is your body.

Rediscovering Your Life

You are alive thanks to the death and suffering of other living beings. Living is receiving grace from other living beings. Benefiting others with the grace you received is honoring their sacrifices and contributions, and is also improving your life.

Rediscovering Believing

What you believe is because of what you do not know. Knowing what you do not know is knowing what you believe.

A Sign of a Higher Intelligence

Self-awareness is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Sign of a Higher Intelligence 2

A voluntary mental action is a sign of a higher intelligence.

Getting Out of Unhappiness

No one can get you out of your unhappiness unless you stop doing what will bring you unhappiness.

The Best and Even Better

What you are having is the best you can have at the moment. If you are grateful and use it well, you will have even better things in the future.

Rediscovering Humans

From ones who work and consume to ones who are respected.

Human Happiness

It is difficult for humans to be happy when living as a resource.

Rediscovering Work

Work is to learn life and grow. Salary is a scholarship.

Power of Watching

Watching your breath changes your breath. The same goes for your body, mind and life.

Rediscovering A Flower

See a flower to discover the flower in your mind.

Rediscovering What You Want

Know why you are not given what you want. Also know what will be lost if you get it and whether getting it will be beneficial or harmful.

When Breaking Truth

When you break what you believe to be true, you gain something greater.

Wise and Wiser

If you grow wise, you benefit from what you have and what you do not have including adversity. If you grow wiser, you benefit others and the world.

Wise and Wiser 2

If you grow wise, the people who you considered not beneficial to you become beneficial to you. If you grow wiser, even your enemy becomes beneficial to you. However, if you are unwise, even beneficial people become not beneficial to you.

Wisdom About Having

Benefiting from everything you have and everything you do not have including adversity is wisdom. Not knowing how to benefit from them is ignorance.

Wisdom About Life

Learning from your life is wisdom. Not knowing what to learn from your life is ignorance. Not being able to learn from your repeated life lessons is foolishness.

The Role of Wisdom in Life

Wisdom allows you to do what will help your life and not to do what will hinder your life or you will regret.

The Role of Wisdom in Getting What You Want

Wisdom allows you to get something better than what you want. Without wisdom, you get what you want and regret it.

The Wise and the Foolish

Those who know their ignorance are the wise. Those who do not know their ignorance are the ignorant. Those who do not know their ignorance but believe they are wise are the foolish.

From Ignorance to Wisdom

Ignorance leads to foolishness. Foolishness leads to pain. Pain leads to wisdom.

True Victory

True victory is a victory without losers but all win.

A New Way to Help Others

Solve your life problems by solving the cause of the problems within you and then share your solution with others, who may have same or similar problems.

source: New Direction Archive