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Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is a manifestation of the inner state of humanity.

A New Way to Help Others

Solve your life problem by addressing your inner cause of the problem and share your solution with others.

Helping Humans

Not just giving food but giving education to live wisely is helping humans.

What Makes Your Friend Your Enemy

Your unrealistic expectations can make you angry and make your friend your enemy.

What You Can Not Have Both

You can not have both lasting happiness and the unwisdom of doing things that bring you unhappiness.

Giving Up Peace

To have hatred is to give up peace.

Forgive No One

If you blame no one, you have no one to forgive.


Listening to one side confines, listening to both liberates.

True Victory

True victory is a victory without losers but all win.

True Enemy

Your true enemy is not outside but within yourself. The true enemy in each of us is the true enemy of humanity.

Transforming Your True Enemy

If you feed your true enemy with wisdom instead of ignorance, your true enemy will turn into your defender.

What Your True Enemy Feeds on

Your true enemy grows by feeding on your ignorance.

The Hope Is Us

We are the problem and also the solution.

The Most Difficult Problem

The most difficult problem is the problem that you do not even know you have.

Police and Thieves

Police work according to laws of a nation. Thieves work according to laws of nature.

What Your Mind Can Do to Your Body

Your mind can make your body healthy or sick.

What Mind Can Do to the World

Mind can make the world healthy or sick.

Mind and the World

What we put in our stomachs affects our bodies.

What we put in our minds affects our world.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it melts glaciers, burns mountains, brings storms, brings drought and makes living things ill.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it also heals the world.

Contributing to the World

Chickens contribute to the world by making meat. Human resources contribute to the world by working and consuming. Humans contribute to the world by living a respected life.

Giving Back to the World

It is natural to give back to the world that gave us so much. It is a joy to benefit the world that benefited us so much. It is wise to take care of and respect the world as we can not exist without its help.

Making the World Care for You

If you care for the world, it also cares for you.


One who takes care of a family is an adult of the family. One who takes care of a community is an adult of the community. One who takes care of the world is an adult of the world.


The sun rises from darkness, wisdom from foolishness, hope from hopelessness, flourishing from suffering, and a bright world from a dark one.

source: New Direction Archive