Conventional Vs New Approach


Conventional New approach
Living as a resource a human
Humans are the ones who work and consume respected
Work is to get money to learn your life and grow. Salary is a scholarship.
Motto Just do it Wisely do it
Dealing with life problems get rid of only the symptom address the inner cause
Having get everything desire tells you to get not getting what you will regret and benefit from everything you already have including adversity
When can not get what you want never giving up going after what you want no matter what get something better than what you want
When others do not act according to your expectations believe others acted wrong know others acted right
When others do not act according to your expectations (2) you believe others must act according to your expectations otherwise you get angry at them. you are happy to discover a flaw in your expectations.
Flaws seeing flaws of others but one’s own seeing one’s own flaws
Money, pleasure, joy you chase them they follow you
Money, pleasure, truth and religions living below them living above them
Who run your life runs you you run your life
Religions you believe and follow it you know and use them
Life Improvement Approach winning at the expense of others and h/w approach cultivate one’s inner greatness. solving one’s inner causes of life hindrances and helping others to do so.
Victory completely defeating others True victory is a victory without losers but all win
Helping others donate your time or money solving one’s inner causes of life hindrances and helping others to do so


Conventional New approach
Yourself a person a living truth. Truth is inside of you and outside of you
Your body it is yours it is yours and at the same time it is not yours

Thinking & Mind

Conventional New approach
Truth something to believe and forever get something greater by breaking what you believe to be true.
Knowledge it is about knowing nonself it is about knowing nonself, self and both.
Knowledge (2) can give you power self-knowledge can give you a new life
Signs of a Higher intelligence a high IQ self-awareness, voluntary mental actions, knowing one’s own ignorance
Intelligence, e.g. seeing a cup and knowing it seeing a cup and knowing oneself and the world
Thinking involuntarily without awareness voluntarily
Education teaching only how to think but not how not to think. helping people to live as a resource helping people to live as a human
Mind blind to one’s own mind knowing own mind
Mind (2) abandoned reclaimed
Self not knowing oneself knowing oneself
About thinking thinking outside the box know beyond the limit of thinking
Believing means you know you don’t know
When Reading, you know the actual event the information, not the actual event
Approach to truth by believing by knowing
Right and Wrong right is right and wrong is wrong right is wrong and vice versa from the opposite viewpoint
Right and Wrong (2) I am right but wrong are others who I disagree or dislike. I am right and others who I disagree is also right
Desire is something to fight or obey it use it well

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