Vision, Purpose and Values of New Direction


People living as a respected wise human in a better world.


  • To empower people to live as a human, not as a resource.
  • To help people to develop their profound human potential toward transformation of self.
  • To help people to address their own inner causes hindering their lives.
  • To help those who have life problems or help to find direction for those who lost direction in life.
  • To contribute to create a better world for the benefit of all by empowering and helping people to live better lives.
  • To create a supportive learning community where members practice, learn, realize, help each other and grow wise.


  • Sincere and diligent efforts to realize and address our own inner causes that hinder lives of ours and others. Further sincere and diligent efforts to grow wise out of ignorance about oneself and one’s life for the benefit of all.
  • Insight and wisdom that do not just benefit oneself but benefit others, especially all including previous, current and next generations.
  • Giving back to the society and the world by contributing to the well being of all, especially through addressing the fundamental inner cause we have that hinder ourselves and others, and sharing the wisdom with the world.


  • The inner causes: The inner causes means one’s own ignorance and contradictions that hinder oneself and others.
  • Growing wise: Growing wise in life means you are benefiting from what you have and what you do not have including adversity. Growing wise in life also means you are benefiting others and the world. Our basic approach to growing wise is through realizing and addressing our own contradictions and ignorance that hinder ourselves and others.
  • Helping people to live better lives: by empowering them to live as a human instead of a resource and helping them to address their own fundamental inner causes hindering their lives. Also, helping others to do so and growing wise further helps to improve their lives.
  • Helping Others: First, solve one’s life problems by solving the fundamental cause of the problems within oneself and then share one’s solution with others, who may have same or similar problems.
  • Creating a better world: What we do is ultimately to make the world better. We create a better world by empowering and helping people to live better lives. In addition, we make good use of what are inherited to us and make them better before passing them to the next generations. This is to benefit next generations and makes previous generations honorable.
  • Helping others and benefiting the world are privileges and responsibilities of those who have grown up wise.