A New Direction for Eating

Eating and Learning

Eating is learning. If you can not learn from eating, it is hard to learn from elsewhere.

Knowing by Eating

What you can not know by thinking.

What you can not know by reading.

You know by eating food.

By Eating

A low level person satisfies his stomach by eating food.

A high level person realizes truth by eating food.

Two Kinds of Food

Food that was made for the well being of the people who will eat.

Food that was made for a profit.

Two Kinds of Eating

Eating for oneself.

Eating for all.

Eating and Level

One who eats for all is higher in level than one who eats only for oneself.

Eating and Respect

One who eats for oneself speaks for oneself.

One who eats for all speaks for all.

One who speaks for oneself receives respect from no one.

One who speaks for all receives respect from others.

Urge (Desire)

When you fight an urge, the urge becomes your enemy.

When you obey an urge, the urge becomes your master.

When you just be with an urge, the urge becomes harmless like passing wind.

Freeing from Desires

When a desire arises, just be with it.

When a desire arises, know why it came.

When a desire arises, know what it truly is.

Two Kinds of Chewing

Chewing that is done by choice.

Chewing that is driven by an urge without awareness and choice.

What You See

What you see is because of what you don’t see.

Life and Death

Life is possible because of death.

Death is possible because of life.

How to make pleasure follow me?

Eating for your pleasure is following pleasure.

Eating for others is to make the pleasure follow you.

How can I eat food for my friend?

Eating to gain energy which you intend to use for helping your friend is eating for your friend.

Stop Eating

How can I stop eating when I am not hungry and I do not want to eat?

Address your life issues.

Eating Living Things

I do not feel good because I have to eat living things that did not want to die. If I do not eat them, I can not survive. What should I do?

Make them honorable after eating.

How to make them honorable?

Benefit the current and next generations.