Rediscovering Your Own Mind

See Yourself for Yourself

Have you seen yourself? If you have not seen your mind, you have not seen yourself. See yourself for yourself.

Instead of Knowing Oneself

If you have never seen your mind, you understand yourself like a person who has never seen any color and shapes understands red.

Not Knowing Your Mind

If you do not know your mind, it prevents you from knowing what you truly like and want, and further prevents you from living a life you truly want. Not knowing your mind also prevents you from knowing your inner cause that hinder your life, and further prevents you from solving the inner cause. As a result, your life is trapped in hindrances.

Not Knowing Your Mind 2

If you don’t know your own mind, it will prevent you from knowing yourself. If you do not know yourself, it will prevent you from knowing your life and the people you meet in your life.

Neglected Mind

When you neglect your mind, it tends to operate on its own without your awareness and your permission.

Rediscovering A Flower

See a flower to discover the flower in your mind.

Unchecked Mind

An unchecked mind can become like an abandoned house, inviting unwanted things.

Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Take care of your mind and it will take care of you. Mistreat it and it will do the same to you. Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you treat it.

A Brakeless Car

A person who can think but can not stop thinking is like a car running without brakes.

Stop Thinking

If you don’t have the ability to stop thinking, automatic thoughts will run and even could ruin your life.

An Incomplete Education

Teaching how to think without teaching how not to think is not a complete education.

The Limit of Thinking

Trying to know reality by thinking is like trying to understand colors by hearing sounds.

A New Way to Think

Think voluntarily instead of thinking involuntarily without awareness.

What You Believe

What you believe is because of what you do not know. Knowing what you do not know is knowing what you believe.

Information, Not Event

When reading a book telling the earth is formed four billion years ago, you know the information but not the actual event itself.

Believing and Knowing

After reading a book telling the earth is formed four billion years ago, accepting the words to be true is believing. Realizing that you are believing is knowing. Realizing that you do not know whether the event actually happened as the book says or not is also knowing.

Believing and Knowing 2

Accepting words of others is believing. Seeing, experiencing or cognizing is knowing.

Believing and Knowing 3

Believing is not knowing. Knowing is not believing.

Believing and Knowing 4

Believing or disbelieving means you do not know. When you do not know, you can either believe or disbelieve. When you know, you just know instead of believing or disbelieving.

Rediscovering Anger

Being angry is punishing oneself.

Rediscovering Anger 2

Being angry with another person is punishing oneself for not knowing oneself.

Rediscovering Desire

Desire is not something to serve, fight or get rid of, but something you learn and benefit from.

Rediscovering Desire 2

Desire in you tells you so much about yourself and the world you live in.


Without wisdom, you serve or fight desire. Wisdom allows you to use desire well.

Desire 3

A person who does not know the true nature of desire serves desire. A person who knows the true nature of desire uses desire well.

Noble Desire and Beastly Desire

Noble desire grows in the noble. Beastly desire grows in the beast.

Serving Desire

Serving desire leads to misery.

Serving Desire 2

Desire persistently tell you what to do throughout your day. If you are unaware of what desire is telling you, you are serving the desire.

Abandoning Inner Self

Abandoning inner self, the core, causes many problems in one’s life.


One who is unaware of being alive calls himself a wise being, Homo sapiens. The one, unaware of being alive, believes that he knows himself. The unaware one believes he knows what happened thousands or billions of years ago.


Believing one knows what one does not know. Acting against oneself while wanting to help oneself. Doing what will bring oneself unhappiness while wanting happiness.

Great Intelligence

Seeing a cup and knowing it as just a cup is ordinary intelligence. Seeing it and knowing oneself and the world is great intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence

Self-awareness is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence 2

A voluntary mental action is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence 3

Knowing one’s own ignorance is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence 4

Wisdom is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence 5

Thinking with awareness of thinking is a sign of a higher intelligence.

A Higher Intelligence 6

Voluntary thinking is a sign of a higher intelligence.

source: New Direction Archive