Meditation Posture


Various body posture for meditation.

Sitting Posture

Sit tall and balanced so that your body becomes relaxed and pleasant on its own.

Standing Posture

  • Stand with feet pointed straight ahead, parallel to each other, and firmly on the ground at shoulder width.
  • Evenly distribute body weight on your feet, especially the 3 points of contact that the bottom of your foot makes with the ground.
  • Your feet and toes gently grabbing the floor/ground.
  • Bend knees just slightly.
  • Stand relaxed and pleasant without tension.
  • It is even better if you can stand on bare foot on the ground, rock or grass.

Lying Down Posture

Lie down on a floor or firm surface, not soft.

There are various lying down postures:

  • just lie down on your back.
  • lie on your back with your knees bent while soles of feet touching the floor.
  • lie down legs and arms spread like Starfish.
  • lie down on a side way.

Posture General Guidelines

  • Body relaxed and pleasant without stain.
  • When your posture is right, you will experience natural deep breathing, gaining of energy, clear mind and pleasantness.

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