Discovering Natural Phenomena Basic


  • Be aware of common phenomena in your body and mind such as breathing sensations, other body sensations, likes, dislikes, thoughts and others.


  • Be aware of cool and warm sensations of your breath in the nose.
  • Be aware of rising and falling sensations of your breath in the belly area.
  • Be aware of your in-breath as in-breath and out-breath as out-breath.
  • Be aware of your breath and your whole body.
  • Breathing in to calm your whole body and breathing out to calm your whole body.
  • Be aware of your breath and everything you are experiencing in the present moment.

Breath 2

  • Be aware of types of breath (, e.g. pleasant breath, unpleasant breath, short breath, long breath, shallow breath, deep breath, easy breath, difficult breath, energizing breath, relaxed breath, or tight breath).
  • Be aware of your breathing experience as it is in the present moment.
  • Be aware of constant change in your breath (or in the present moment).
  • Just be with your breath.


  • Be aware of your body movement.
  • Be aware of changes in your sight. (e.g. appearing and disappearing phenomena in your sight while walking)


  • Notice tension or the absence of tension in the body.
  • Notice pressure or the absence.
  • Notice cool sensation or the absence.
  • Notice warm sensation or the absence.
  • Notice itchiness or the absence.
  • Notice pain or the absence.
  • Notice unpleasant sensations or the absence.
  • Notice pleasant sensations or the absence.
  • Notice neutral sensations.
  • Notice posture of your body.
  • Notice sensations in each body part.
  • Notice your whole body.

Mental Phenomena

  • Notice liking or absence.
  • Notice disliking or absence.
  • Notice wanting or absence.
  • Notice believing or absence.
  • Notice remembering or absence.
  • Notice planing or absence.
  • Notice perceiving or absence.
  • Notice thinking or absence.
  • Notice anger or absence.
  • Notice satisfaction or absence.
  • Notice peace or absence.
  • Notice goodwill or absence.
  • Notice illwill or absence.
  • Notice multiple perspective or absence.
  • Notice being on autopilot or absence.
  • Notice joy or absence
  • Notice contradiction or absence
  • Notice fear or absence.
  • Notice selfishness or absence.
  • Notice consciousness or absence.
  • Notice motivation or absence.
  • Notice reaction or absence.
  • Notice other mental phenomana or absence


  • Be aware of mind with wants or mind without wants.
  • Be aware of mind with thoughts or mind without thoughts.
  • Be aware of content mind or mind without contentment.
  • Be aware of joyful mind or mind without joy.

Mind 2

  • Be aware of mind with anger or mind without anger.
  • Be aware of mind liking something or mind without liking. (also disliking)
  • Be aware of mind with illwill or mind without illwill. (also goodwill)
  • Be aware of dissatisfied mind or mind without dissatisfaction.
  • Be aware of restless mind or mind without restlessness.
  • Be aware of mind believing something or mind without believing. (also disbelieving)
  • Be aware of mind being stuck or mind not being stuck.
  • Be aware of mind contradicting or mind without contradiction.
  • Be aware of reliable mind or mind that is not reliable.
  • Be aware of liberated mind or mind without liberation.

Breath 3

  • Be aware of your breath and your mind.
  • Breathing in to calm your mind and breathing out to calm your mind.
  • Be aware of your mind that is aware of your breath.