Meditation Methods Basic 2

Mental State

Notice how is your mind (or the state of your mind whether it is):

  • thankful or not thankful,
  • complaining or not complaining.
  • angry or not.
  • fearful or not.
  • joyful or not.
  • autopilot or not.
  • biased or unbiased,
  • balanced or unbalanced,
  • conscious or not.
  • trapped or freed.
  • contradictory or not.
  • having motivation or not.
  • having goodwill or not.
  • having multiple perspective or not.

Mind Actions

Be aware whether your mind is:

  • believing
  • knowing
  • reacting
  • responding
  • liking something
  • disliking something
  • wanting something
  • doing something else


  • Discover yourself in what you are not.
  • Discover in yourself what you are not.
  • Just be.

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