A New Approach to Life

Living a Day

Living a day teaches you invaluable lessons.

Life Improvement and Stagnation

Your life will improve if you learn from it, otherwise lessons are repeated.

Learning From Life

Learning from your own life leads to a better future.

Be a Butterfly

Be a butterfly if you are not happy being a caterpillar.

Your Power and Privilege

Acting with genuine motivation and intention to benefit others is your power and privilege that transforms yourself and the world.

Inner Growth

Inner growth transforms you and the world around you for the better.

Reasons You Are Living

Know why you are living. Know why you are doing what you are doing.

Rediscovering Your Life

A life living as a human instead of living as a resource.


Not being alone, but one’s poor relationship with oneself leads to loneliness.

Life Lessons

Learn from life or repeat its lessons.

Learn or Be a Lesson

Learn from life or become a lesson.

On Flame

We extinguish the flame when a house is on flame but just silence the alarm when life is on flame.

On Flame 2

Extinguish the flame, not just silence the alarm when your life is on flame.

A New Way to Deal with Your Life Problems

Solving your inner causes of your life problems instead of removing only the symptoms.

If You Are Needed

If you are needed in your family, you are appreciated and protected in your family. If you are needed in the society, you are appreciated and protected in the society. If you are needed in the world, you are appreciated and protected in the world.

What Improve Your Life

Making good use of what you are given in life. Solving inner causes you have that hinder your life. Living as a human rather than a resource. Knowing what will improve and what will hinder your life. Helping what help you.

The Key to Improving Your Life

Your speech comes from your mind. Your actions come from your mind. Your life is determined in your mind. Your future is decided in your mind. The key to improving your life is in your mind.

Benefiting from Life

Benefit from both what life gives you and what it doesn’t.

Blaming Others

Blaming others is like blaming the weather for an inaccurate forecast.

Blaming Others 2

Blaming others is not wrong but unwise.

What You Truly Want

You miss what you truly want while chasing what you think you want.

Desire Without Wisdom

Desire without wisdom darkens future.

The Cause within You

A problem can not happen to you if you do not have a cause of it within you. Similarly, a life problem also can not happen to you if you do not have a cause of it within you.

Silencing a Fire Alarm

Eliminating only the symptoms of life problems while ignoring the cause is like silencing the fire alarm and letting the fire continue to burn.

Who Run Your Life

Others are running your life when you are not.

The Creator

You are the creator of your life, happiness and misery.

A Master and a Servant of Life

One who complains about life becomes a servant of life. One who learns from life becomes a master of life.

Finding A Better Life

Knowing yourself, including your own mind and life, leads you to find a better life.

Each Breath

Each breath and day is an opportunity for inner growth to transform you and the world around you for the better.

Better or Bitter

Improving yourself leads to a better future. Blaming others leads to a bitter future.

The Best and Even Better

What you have right now is the best you can have at the moment. If you appreciate and make the most of it, you will have better things.

source: New Direction Archive