Living as a Human instead of a Resource

Human Happiness

It is difficult for humans to be happy when living as a resource.

Rediscovering Your Life

You are alive thanks to the death and suffering of other living beings. Living is receiving grace from other living beings. Benefiting others with the grace you received is honoring their sacrifices and contributions, and is also improving your life.

Rediscovering Humans

From ones who work and consume to ones who are respected.

Rediscovering Work

Work is to learn life and grow. Salary is a scholarship.

A Human Resource and a Human at Work

Two persons who do the same work and receive the same amount of money at the same restaurant have different motivations for their work. One makes meals for money but the other makes meals for people who will eat the meals. The former follows money but money follows the latter. The former is below money but the latter is above money. The former gets stress while the latter gets joy. The former works as a resource while the latter works as a human. The former becomes a better servant of the money but the latter becomes wiser as they continue to work.

Contributing to the World

Chickens contribute to the world by making meat. Human resources contribute to the world by working and consuming. Humans contribute to the world by living a respected life.

A New Way to Live

Living as a human instead of living as a resource.

The Wisdom for Human Resources

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is the wisdom for human resources. Stay Happy Stay Wise is the wisdom for humans.

Ways of Living

Living without knowing that you are alive is the human resource way of living. Living with wisdom is the human way of living.

Living Without Knowing You Are Alive

If you are living without knowing that you are alive, you can not live as the owner of your life but live as a servant even though you have all the wealth and power in the world.

source: New Direction Archive