New Direction Basic Material Highlights

Inner Growth

Inner growth transforms you and the world around you for the better.


The visible exists because of the invisible.

Deep Looking

Deep looking is seeing what you do not see and knowing beyond what you know.

Deep Looking 2

Deep looking reveals not only what you see but also yourself and the world.

Great Intelligence

Seeing a cup and knowing it as just a cup is ordinary intelligence but knowing yourself and the world is great intelligence.

What You Know

What you know is because of what you do not know.

A Thought and Reality

What you think it is is a thought. What it is is reality.

No One Wrong

No one is wrong but there are people who are at different stages of their growth.

The Worst Ignorance

The worst ignorance is not knowing one’s own ignorance.

Three Kinds of Knowledge

Knowledge about nonself. Knowledge about self. Knowledge that can only be gained by knowing both self and nonself.

Rediscovering Eating

Unlike animals, humans can benefit more from learning through eating than eating itself.

Wisdom and Good Deeds

When the wise benefit others, it is called wisdom. When the unwise benefit others, it is called good deeds.

The Biggest Obstacle

The biggest obstacle is the one that you create for yourself.


We are both guards and prisoners of the prison we create.

Blaming Others

Blaming others is like blaming the weather for an inaccurate forecast.

Eliminating Loneliness

Loneliness can be eliminated. But eliminating loneliness without addressing the cause can make your life worse. It is like silencing a fire alarm and letting the fire continue to burn.


One who is thinking he knows does not know that he is thinking.

From Contradiction to Transformation

Knowing one’s own contradictions is the beginning of knowing one’s own ignorance. Knowing one’s own ignorance is the beginning of knowing oneself. Knowing oneself is the beginning of self-transformation.

Life Lessons

Learn from life or repeat its lessons.

Learn or Be a Lesson

Learn from life or become a lesson.

Rediscovering Yourself

Not as a servant of life but as the owner of your life.

Living Without Awareness of Being Alive

Living without the awareness that you are alive prevents you from understanding and improving yourself and your life.

Knowing Self and Nonself

Knowing nonself is gaining knowledge. Knowing self is changing life.

Knowing Your Mind 2

You can be successful without knowing your mind if you live as a resource. But it is hard to live as a human if you do not know your mind.

Rediscovering Your Body

If you look deeply into your body, you will realize that it is not your body, but at the same time it is your body.

Rediscovering Breath 2

If you look deeply into your breath, you will not only discover your body and the world but also your past actions, inner self and mental states such as desires, perceptions, beliefs, limitations, motivations and contradictions.

Rediscovering Your Life

A life living as a human instead of living as a resource.

Benefiting from Life

Benefit from both what life gives you and what it doesn’t.

A Higher Intelligence 3

Knowing one’s own ignorance is a sign of a higher intelligence.

Getting Out of Unhappiness

No one can get you out of your unhappiness unless you stop doing what will bring you unhappiness.

A Role of Unhappiness

Unhappiness brings ingredients of happiness. If you are unhappy, you probably already have what it takes to be happy.

The Best and Even Better

What you have right now is the best you can have at the moment. If you appreciate and make the most of it, you will have better things.

Rediscovering Humans

From ones who work and consume to ones who are respected.

Human Happiness

It is difficult for humans to be happy when living as a resource.

Rediscovering Work

Work is a school of life where you learn to live. Salary is a scholarship.

Money and Wisdom

Without money, living poor. Without wisdom, living foolishly.

Earning Money 2

The true value of earning money lies in the lessons it teaches.

Human Flourishing

Humans can truly flourish when they live as humans, not resources.

Power of Watching

Watching your breath changes your breath. The same goes for your body, mind and life.

Seeing a Flower

See a flower to discover the flower in your mind.

What You Want

Getting what we want always comes with an extra, the consequences.

What You Truly Want 7

To chase what you think you truly want is to miss what you truly want.

Breaking Truth

Breaking what you believe to be the truth is gaining something greater.

Wise and Wiser

If you grow wise, the people who you considered not beneficial to you become beneficial to you. If you grow wiser, even your enemy becomes beneficial to you. However, if you are unwise, even beneficial people become not beneficial to you.

Wise and Wiser 2

If you grows wise, you benefit from both what you have including adversity and what you do not have. If you grow wiser, you benefit others and the world.

Working Wise

Money naturally fills your pockets even though you work for a purpose greater than making money, just as food naturally fills the stomach of one who eats for a purpose greater than filling stomach.

Desire Without Wisdom

Desire without wisdom darkens future.

Silencing a Fire Alarm

Eliminating only the symptoms of life problems while ignoring the cause is like silencing the fire alarm and letting the fire continue to burn.

Ignorance and Foolishness

When we are ignorant, we just don’t know. When we are foolish, we believe we know what we do not.

From Ignorance to Wisdom

Ignorance leads to foolishness. Foolishness leads to pain. Pain leads to wisdom.

True Gratitude

True gratitude is appreciating everything in life, both received and not received, not just receiving what you want.

True Victory

True victory is a victory without losers but all win.

Transformation Through Benefiting Others

By benefiting others, we honor the sacrifices and contributions of all living beings that made our lives possible, and transform ourselves and the world for the better.

Transformation Through Inner Growth

By growing your inner self for the benefit of all, you have the power to transform yourself and the world for the better.

Transformation Through Solving Inner Causes

By solving your inner causes of hindrances for the benefit of all, you have the power to transform yourself and the world for the better.

A Bright Future Through Greater Value

Acting with genuine motivation and intention of benefiting others creates a greater value for society and a bright future for all.


Butterflies emerge from caterpillars, humans from human resources, and the apex protector from the apex predator.


The sun rises from darkness, wisdom from foolishness, hope from hopelessness, flourishing from suffering, and a bright world from a dark one.

The Greatness of the Universe

The greatness of the universe is within you.

A True Gift to Yourself

Benefiting others is a true gift to yourself.

Your Power and Privilege

Acting with genuine motivation and intention to benefit others is your power and privilege that transforms yourself and the world.

source: New Direction Archive