A New Way to See a Cup

A New Way to See

What you see is because of what you do not see. See what you do not see from what you see.

A New Way to Believe

What you believe is because of what you do not know. Know what you do not know from what you believe.

A New Way to See a Cup

Discover many things that are invisible from the cup allow you to see the cup.

A New Way to See a Cup 2

Discover your mind that is seeing a cup.

A New Way to See a Cup 3

Discover a cup in your mind when seeing a cup.

A New Way to See a Tree

Discover what allows you to see a tree as a tree.

Police and Thieves

Police work according to laws of a nation.

Thieves work according to laws of nature.

Death is a Gain

If you learn from your death, your death is a gain instead of a loss in your life.

Right and Wrong

The appearance of a sunflower changes when you see from another angle. Likewise, right and wrong changes when you see from another angle. Something that is right is wrong when you see from an opposite angle.

Right and Wrong 2

When you say something or someone is right or wrong, it tells who you are: your mind, your viewing angles, your mental level and your beliefs are revealed.

Why Attractive

Something looks attractive to you because you see it from the angle that it looks attractive. If you see it from an opposite angle, it no longer looks attractive.


If something is useless not because it is useless but because you don’t know how to use it.

Blaming Someone

Blaming someone when he doesn’t act according to your expectations is like blaming weather when a weather forecast failed to predict it correctly.

A New Way to See People Who Are Wrong

Recognize people who you believe are wrong are right.

The Mirror of Your Mind

What you see is a mirror that reflects your mind. So are what you experience and what you do.

Becoming a Lesson for Others

If you can not learn from your life, your life becomes a lesson for others.

Mice Wisdom and Human Wisdom

For mice, not eating poisonous food is wisdom.

For humans, not having poisonous thoughts is wisdom.

You Life and Others' Death

You are alive because of death of others. If they did not die, you can not be alive.

Your Joy and Others' Pain

You can have joy because of pains of others. If they did not have pain, you can not have joy.

What You Like is not What You Like

What you believe you like is not what you really like.


A wise one knows whether his dream or life goals when achieved will harm or benefit himself. An unwise one believes his dream that will harm himself when achieved as a dream that benefits himself. A wise one gains benefits by achieving his dreams. An unwise one gains pain in life and wastes his life by achieving his dreams.