Core Skills of Mindfulness

The Four Core Skills

  • focusing,

  • sustaining (continuity),

  • knowing,

  • energy

The Eight Types of Knowing

  • Seeing a phenomenon.

  • Seeing patterns,

  • Seeing causes.

  • Seeing a phenomenon from different angle.

  • Seeing relation between phenomena.

  • Seeing what it truly is.

  • Knowing your mind that knows a phenomenon whether it was reliable.

  • One’s level.

Phenomena Example

  • body (e.g. breath, posture, actions, body parts, elements)

  • mind (e.g. mental phenomena, mind)

  • self, life, world, …


Referring to repetition of phenomena, especial repetition of phenomena that are in a causal relation, for example:

  • Eating meal results in experiencing full sensation in your stomach.

  • Pressing a switch results in a light is turned on.

Obstacles to Dependable State of

The mind is prevented from operating properly and becomes unreliable when any one of the following conditions occurs in the mind:

  • Contradiction in knowing (believe to know what one doesn’t know) – prevents the mind from operating properly and leading to a critical error.

  • Likes (craving, desire) – makes the mind biased.

  • Dislikes (anger, aversion) – makes the mind biased.