A New Direction for a Bright Future

A Brakeless Car

If you can think but can not stop thinking, you are like a car without a brake.

The Limit of Thinking

Trying to know reality by thinking is like trying to understand colors by hearing sounds.

Deeper than Truth

The cause of truth is deeper than the truth itself.

Higher than Truth

Something that can break truth is higher than the truth.

Who Is Right?

You are right. So are others who you think are wrong.

Death is a Gain

If you learn from your death, your death is a gain instead of a loss in your life.

Revealing Your Flaws

Seeing flaws of others but not yours is revealing yours.

Delighting Your Enemy

Blaming others for your life problems delights your own worst enemy in you.

Silencing a Fire Alarm

Eliminating symptoms of your life problems while leaving the cause is like silencing a sounding fire alarm and letting the fire continue.

Your Misery and Your Actions

Your current misery is made by your past actions. Your future misery is made by your present actions.

A Better Life

When you learn from your life, your life gives you a better life. However when you do not learn, your life gives you another learning opportunity.

Each Moment

Each moment is an opportunity to live better life.

What Are Given in Your Life

Your life makes progress if you learn what are given in your life. Your life becomes stuck if you can not learn what are given in your life. Your life becomes difficult if you ignore what are given and you tried to get what are not given instead.

Why is a Tree a Tree?

Because your mind sees it as a tree.


If something is useless not because it is useless but because you don’t know how to use it.

Your Faults

Something about you that the universe knows and people around you know but often you do not know is your faults.

Human Mind

It is yours. It is shown when you do something. It is still shown when you do nothing. But you can not see it as if it does not exist if you live as a worker. That is your mind.

Finding Faults 2

The more you find faults in yourself, happier you become. The more you find faults only in others, less happy you become.

Both Problems and Solutions

We are part of both problems and solutions, not either.

What You Like is not What You Like

What you believe you like is not what you really like.

When Thinking Is Not Helpful

When your mind is automatically thinking without your choice or permission. When you do not know you are thinking while thinking.

When you are trying to know something that you can not know by thinking. When you are thinking a thought that brings pain in your life.

When your mind is making a critical error.

You Life and Others' Death

You are alive because of death of others. If they did not die, you can not be alive.

Your Joy and Others' Pain

You can have joy because of pains of others. If they did not have pain, you can not have joy.


A wise one escapes from the prison of his mind.

An unwise one escapes from reality.

Wisdom about Have

For an unwise one, getting everything he desires is wisdom. For a wise one, not getting what he will regret is wisdom.

If You Are Needed

If you are needed in your family, you are appreciated and protected in your family.

If you are needed in the society, you are appreciated and protected in the society.

If you are needed in the world, you are appreciated and protected in the world.

Police and Thieves

Police work according to laws of a nation.

Thieves work according to laws of nature.

Contributing to the World

Chickens contribute to the world by making meat. Workers contribute to the world by working. Consumers contribute to the world by consuming. Humans contribute to the world by living a respected life.

Mind and the World

What we put in our stomachs affects our bodies.

What we put in our minds affects our world.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it melts glaciers, burns mountains, brings storms, brings drought and makes living things ill.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it also heals the world.

The Key to Improving Your Life

Your speech comes from your mind. Your actions come from your mind. Your life is determined in your mind. Your future is decided in your mind. The key to improving your life is in your mind.

When to Change Your Life Direction

When your life does not improve no matter what you do. When knowing you are heading a wrong direction.

Bright Future out of Dark Times

Dark times exist for bright future. Use your dark times of adversity to create your bright future.

The Cause in You

Your life problems can not occur without the cause in you. The sooner the better you address the cause. Otherwise it will continue to create problems in your life.

Below or Above Money

If you work for money, you are below money.

If you work for something more important than money, you are above money.

A New Way to See

What you see is because of what you do not see.

See what you do not see from what you see.

A New Way to Know from Your Beliefs

What you believe is because of what you do not know. Know what you do not know from what you believe.

A New Way to See an Apple

Seeing an apple tells you much about yourself and the word. Discover yourself and the world when seeing an apple.

A New Way to Think

Think intentionally with the awareness.

A New Way to Speak

Speak to benefit listeners instead of speaking to gain from listeners.

A New Way to Deal with Desire

Use desire well instead of fighting, serving or abandoning desire.

A New Way to Work

Work to grow than chase money.

A New Way to Live

Live as a human instead of living as a worker or consumer.