A Better Tomorrow

Better or Bitter

Your tomorrow will be better if you improve yourself today. Your tomorrow will be bitter if you blame others instead.

Living for Others

If you can not learn from your life, you are living for others. Your life do not benefit yourself but others who learn from your life.

Mice Wisdom and Human Wisdom

For mice, not eating poisonous food is wisdom.

For humans, not having poisonous thoughts is wisdom.


A wise one knows whether his dream or life goals when achieved will harm or benefit himself.

An unwise one believes his dream that will harm himself when achieved as a dream that benefits himself.

A wise one gains benefits by achieving his dreams.

An unwise one gains pain in life and wastes his life by achieving his dreams.

When You Grow Up

You will no longer want many of the things that you want now. Things that you do now for your pleasure or gaining money, you will no longer do for your pleasure or gaining money. You will no longer believe to know what you do not know. You will no longer blind to your flaws. You will no longer create pain for your life. You will no longer blame anyone including yourself. You will no longer live a life of someone else. You will benefit the world and live a respected life.

What Anger Tells

If you are angry at others, it tells that you see faults in others but not in you.

Your Anger and Your Actions

Your anger at others come from your past action.

Better than Getting What You Want

It is better to get something greater or more valuable than what you want instead of getting what you want. It’s better to get the wisdom of not getting what you want than to regret getting what you want.

Who You Will Encounter in Your Life

Your mind determines your life direction.

Your life direction determines who and what kind of people you will encounter in your life.

Your life direction also determines who and what kind of people you will not encounter in your life.

What To Do and What Not To Do

Do what you will be happy with but do not do what you will regret.

A Basic Human Knowledge and Skill

Knowing what your mind and body are doing is a basic human knowledge. Acquiring the knowledge is a basic human skill.

When Others Do Not Act According to Your Expectations 2

An unwise person believes others must act according to his expectations otherwise he gets angry at them. A wise person is happy to discover a flaw in his expectations.

Living a New Day

You are living a new day. Knowing new things is natural.

However if you do not know something new, you should know why not.

What Is Loving Yourself

Not creating pain for your life. Being with yourself. Knowing yourself. Living your life instead of someone else’s. Living a respected life. Benefiting the world. Loving everyone including past, current and future generations.

What Is Not Loving Yourself

Creating pain for your life. Not being with yourself. Not knowing yourself. Living someone else’s life instead of yours. Living an unrespected life. Not benefiting the world.

Why You Suffer

You suffer because you do not know. You do not know because you believe to know.

Changing Others

If you want to change others, change yourself for others. Others will also change.

Making the World Care About You

If you care about the world, the world also cares about you.

For the Health of Your Mind

Be with and know your mind.

Have goodwill for all.

About Your Life

A life problem cannot happen to you if you do not have a cause of the life problem with you.

Your life is more satisfactory when you live as a human than a worker or consumer.

You cannot exist without help of others.


One who takes care of a family is an adult of the family.

One who takes care of a community is an adult of the community.

One who takes care of the world is an adult of the world.

Benefiting the World

It is wise to help the world from which we cannot exist without help.

It is natural to give back to the world that gave us so much.

It is a joy to benefit the world that benefited us so much.

What To Learn From One Who Is Doing Wrong

Know he is doing right. Know why what he is doing is right.

Your Thoughts and People You Meet

Your thoughts create your actions. Your actions determine who you will meet in the future and what they will do to you. The person you meet now and what the person does to you are possible due to your past thoughts. Without the thoughts, you can not even meet the person.

What You Are Given and Not Given in Life

Be grateful for what you are given in life. Also be grateful for what you are not given in life.

What You Are Given and Not Given in Life 6

If you look carefully, you will realize that there is nothing among what you are given and not given in life that you are not grateful for, including what you initially hated.

A New and Better Way to Deal with Desire

Use desire well instead of fighting, serving or abandoning desire.

A New and Better Way to Think

Think intentionally with awareness of the thinking.

A New and Better Way to Speak

Speaking to benefit listeners instead of speaking to gain from listeners.

A New and Better Way to Help Others

Solve your life problems by addressing the cause in you and then share your solution with others or help people who have same or similar problems.

Bright Future out of Dark Times

Dark times exist for bright future. Use your dark times of adversity to create your bright future.

Both Problems and Solutions

We are part of both problems and solutions, not either.

When Thinking Is Not Helpful

When your mind is automatically thinking without your choice or permission.

When you do not know you are thinking while thinking.

When you are trying to know something that you can not know by thinking.

When you are thinking a thought that brings pain in your life.

When your mind is making a critical error.

Mind and the World

What we put in our stomachs affects our bodies.

What we put in our minds affects our world.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it melts glaciers, burns mountains, brings storms, brings drought and makes living things ill.

Depending up what we put in our minds, it also heals the world.

Wisdom about Have

For an unwise one, getting everything he desires is wisdom.

For a wise one, not getting what he will regret is wisdom.

The Highest Wisdom

For some the highest wisdom is work little and get paid much. For some, the highest wisdom is buy low and sell high. For some, the highest wisdom is dominate others. For some, the highest wisdom is satisfying one’s desires. The highest wisdom reveals about you and your mental level.

source: New Direction Archive