About Meditation

Power of Watching

Your breath changes when you watch your breath. Your body changes when you watch your body. So do your mind and life.

Meditation and School

Meditation is like going to school. You gain knowledge when you meditate. You gain conceptual knowledge in school. You gain non-conceptual knowledge in meditation. In school, you accept words from books and teachers. In meditation, you see for yourself.

Meditation for Beginners

Doing the opposite of what you usually do is meditation. Not doing instead of doing. Being aware instead of unaware. Being your true self instead of someone else. Sitting upright instead of slouching.

Actionless Action

Meditation is actionless action. Meditation brings changes to your body, your mind, your life and even people around you.

Knowing Something New Everyday

When you live a new day, you should know something new.


When you discover your sitting, you will realize sitting is something you did everyday but didn’t know much about. So are standing, walking, breathing, thinking and many other things that you do daily.

Kindergarten Meditation

Meditation that you do to feel good is kindergarten meditation.

Camera Meditation

One who is focusing his mind on an object during meditation but does not know the true nature of the object is like a camera that is taking a photo but does not know what it is taking a photo of.

Why Meditation Is Difficult

When you do it in a way that is difficult, it becomes difficult.


When you call something a distraction in your meditation, not because it is a distraction but because you do not yet know how to benefit from it.

Useful Things Become Useless

A useful thing becomes useless when you do not know how to use it. So is adversity in life. So are the thoughts that come to you during meditation. So is everything else.

Repeating the same practice means

Repeating the same practice over and over a long period of time tells that your meditation practice is stuck.

The Signs of Stagnation in Your Meditation

Knowing nothing new from your meditation sessions for days, weeks, or even years.

The Signs of Progress in Your Meditation

Knowing something new from your meditation session. Knowing something new everyday in your daily living.

What You Are Given in Meditation

Your meditation makes progress if you get what you are given in meditation. Your meditation becomes stagnated if you do not get what you are given in meditation. Your meditation becomes difficult if you ignore what you are given and you tried to get what you are not given instead.

What Disturb Your Meditation

Your current experience that you can not benefit from can disturb your meditation.

Mental Chatter

Benefit from your mental chatter instead of be hindered by it.

Mental Chatter 2

Do not create causes for mental chatter if you do not want it.

Misuse of Meditation

An unwise use of meditation can harm you. If you meditates only to eliminate symptoms of your life problems without solving the cause, the cause remains and continues to create more problems in your life. It is like silencing a fire alarm and letting the fire continue to burn.


When you fight an urge, the urge becomes your enemy.

When you obey an urge, the urge becomes your master.

When you just be with an urge, the urge becomes harmless like passing wind.

Two Ways of Dealing with Restless Mind

Suppress the symptom of the restlessness.

Solve causes of the restlessness.

Shallow Breath

Shallow breath is not something to get rid of but is something you learn from. It is an indicator like meters in the dashboard of your car. It tells how your mind, body and how you are living your life. Your breath will become healthy when you learn from your shallow breath and live right.

When You Have No Power

You have no choice what to think and what not to think.

You have no choice when to think and when not to think.

Your mind is operating automatically without your permission.

You do not even know you are thinking while thinking.

When You Have Power

You have choice what to think and what not to think.

You have choice when to think and when not to think.

Your mind is not operating automatically without your permission.

You know you are thinking while thinking.

Discovering a Cause in Meditation

When you see phenomena, you can find patterns. When you see patterns, you can discover a cause of the phenomena.

Viewing Angles

Your breath appears to be your breath because you see it from the angle that it appears to be your breath. If you see it from another angle, it appears to be something else. So are your body and everything else.

What You Are Experiencing

If you don’t know what you are experiencing right now, you try to experience what you are not experiencing now. But it is harder to know from what you are not experiencing when you do not know what you are experiencing.

What You Need for Enlightenment

What you need for your enlightenment is right in front of you. If you’re searching elsewhere, it is because you do not know what’s in front of you.

The Highest Training

The highest training of all is meditation.

The highest meditation is living.

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source: New Direction Archive